QUESTION 1: Is an individual / team of artists allowed to participate in both Competitions?
An individual or one team of artists can submit one project to each of the two competitions. This means that it is not allowed to organize more than one team for both competitions involving the same participant.

QUESTION 2: Is the winning participant obliged to finish the project on his own? Or, is he allowed to engage a subcontractor(s), i.e. people with proper qualifications or licenses in building, construction, etc.?
The participant (or a team) should be able to prepare the implementation of the project on his or her own. This means that, even if a participant does not have the required qualifications or the team does not have a qualified person listed, they are expected to be able to prepare as well as to supervise the implementation of the project.

QUESTION 3: Does the participant need to be a licensed architect or to possess any other construction licenses?
In the case of an open anonymous competition, there is no possibility to verify such entitlements until the results of the competitions are revealed. However, it is important to keep in mind that each participant submitting a project must read and accept the regulations, according to which, if a construction project envisages location of a monument, the participant must “be in the possession of an architect”.

QUESTION 4: To what sort of an “architect” does the below passages of the Rules of the Competition refer to?
"Due to the specified and limited urban space in which the monument is to be placed, an additional handicap for the project will be its prior consultation with an architect chosen by the Participant."
It refers to a person who can demonstrate that the contractor(s) possess knowledge of architectural art, the construction law, the restrictions imposed by the Act on the protection of monuments, cost estimates, etc., - which proof the awareness of real possibilities of the implementation of the project.

QUESTION 5: Must the person sending a project via mail have a different name than the author of the project?
See explained in detail in par. 9.2.

QUESTION 6: Are the projects with their graphical presentation made with the use of professional computer software (like 3D visualization) preferred to the others?
In all the projects, the artistic value of the work is evaluated; therefore, the performance technique is of secondary importance. 3D visualization may be an important complement to the project, if it provides new significant information about the work.

QUESTION 7: Does the hand-drawing picture project have the same chance of winning as a project made with the use of a professional computer software?
What is evaluated in the projects is their artistic value, not the technique performance. It is important, therefore, how and to what extent the project effectively expresses an idea of ​​the final work.

QUESTION 8: Can the B1 format, given in the Rules of the Competition as one acceptable, be 70cmx100cm (most posters available under the number of the "B1" format is of such a dimension) or must have an official dimension of that format, i.e. 70.7cmx100cm?
The format can be 100x70cm. Formats are indicative and approximate. The size should correspond with the size of the envisaged monument as well as with the intended location, including the immediate surroundings.

QUESTION 9: Does the graphic visualization of the project have to be presented on paper only or are the canvas, stilettos, clip frames etc. allowed (provided in the permissible size)?
The material used is not relevant. It is suggested, however, in view of transport and storage of the competition entries, to avoid fragile and easily damaged materials, such as clip frames protected with glass.

QUESTION 10: Are all of the 4 sides of the monument (front, left, back, right) to be displayed on 4 separate cards / images?
Yes, each side of the monument must be displayed on a separate card / image.

QUESTION 11: Is a participant - a natural person who individually submits a concept of both monuments, possibly participating in the 2nd stage of the Competition, allowed to extend his team engaging two more people?
The organizer reminds that there was no competition for the concept of two monuments. A separate competition has been set up for each monument, and each has its own rules of procedure. In the second stage of the competition, the teams may be extended subject to the rules of procedure (par 7.2). However, it is not possible to change the main contractor of the project i.e. the Participant of the competition, i.e. the person who had submitted the application and participated in the first stage of the competition (par. 3.1).

QUESTION 12: Shall the descriptive sections and graphic presentations for both Competitions need to be submitted in duplicate?
These ate two separate competitions. If anyone (an individual / a team) plans to submit projects for both, each of them must be treated as a separate project. The documenting files for each of the competitions will be sent to a separate destination, which means that, if the files for one monument is missing any of the components required by the rules (e.g. in case if it has been attached to the files for another competition), then the project will be considered incomplete and not complying with the conditions set out in the regulations.

QUESTION 13: Can the graphic presentation be packed in a roll, with a large B1 formats?
Yes, the graphic presentation of the competition entry may be packed in rolls.

QUESTION 14: The geodetic background was attached to the Rules of the Competition, specifying the location of the Monument. An architectural / urban / situational drawing with basic dimensions in required. The attached documentation, reproduced electronically, is not a sufficient information to design at this stage. Please let me know how I can get the necessary situational drawing.
The geodetic map scans (PDFs) of the 1: 1000 scale meet the requirements for the content of the plan, referred to as the "architectural / urban / architectural drawing of basic dimensions". It is attached. The participant can obtain more information during a local visit or searching the website of the City of Warsaw:

QUESTION 15: In what form (written, electronic) an Application must be submitted and who shall be the recipient?
According to par. 3.3., the following forms of correspondence shall be accepted between the Participants and the Contracting Authority:
-electronic correspondence directed to: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.
-paper correspondence directed, as stated in par. 1.2 of the Rules of the Competition, to:
Lech Kaczynski Institute
Srebrna Street 16,
00-810 Warsaw

marked with the sentence:
“Study Sculpture Competition For The Design Concept of a Commemorative Monument of the President of the Republic Of Poland Lech Kaczynski R.I.P.

QUESTION 16: Can an individual submit his application form personally in the seat of the Lech Kaczynski Institute, instead of sending it via paper /electronic mail?
The Regulations do not provide for personal application due to the anonymity of the competition procedures to be secured. The same applies to the submitting your participation by an representative. Only an application via paper/electronic mail is allowed. According to par. 3.3. of the Rules of the Competition, the following forms of correspondence shall be accepted between the Participants and the Contracting Authority:

-electronic correspondence directed to: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.
-paper correspondence directed, as stated in par. 1.2 of the Rules of the Competition, to:
Lech Kaczynski Institute
Srebrna Street 16,
00-810 Warsaw

marked with the sentence:
“Study Sculpture Competition For The Design Concept of a Commemorative Monument of the President of the Republic Of Poland Lech Kaczynski R.I.P.

QUESTION 17: How should be read the sentence in point 2 (a) of the "Application to participate in the Competition": <we have the qualifications as prescribed by law to perform this specific activity>? The Participant does not know the detailed expectations of the Contracting Authority or the relevant legal regulations (construction, urban and ecological etc.) which the Participant should follow.
To participate in the Competition, a participant must have certain rights (or possess a person holding them) to carry out the final project, e.g. obtaining a building permit.

QUESTION 18: Below para 2 of the "Application to participate for the Competition" there is a field to be filled in: Qualifications possessed by an individual at disposal of the Contestant  / Qualification number). The Regulations do not provide the information about any specific permissions or licenses required. Under Chapter 7, any individual: natural person, legal entity, or even group of entities without any legal personality may participate in the Competition. Their qualifications, however, were not specified.
These are the rights/qualifications (or disposal of a person who possess such qualifications) to carry out the project, including e.g. signing a construction project.

QUESTION 19: Below para 2 of the "Application to participate for the Competition” there is a field to be filled in: “Information on the rights of disposal”, please clarify the content.
The examples of the rights of disposals are: a contract of employment, a contract of work, an agreement, etc.

QUESTION 20. In the " Application to participate for the Competition " there is the list of statements and documents, required under the Regulations of the Competition. Please indicate the specific point of the Regulations defining these statements and documents. The only information that I found relates to the attachment for appointment of the representative in Chapter 7.2
Yes, according to the provisions of the Rules of Appointment of the representative.

QUESTION 21. As an individual competitor, without the appointment of a representative, would it be sufficient if I send to the Lech Kaczyński Institute only signed the attachment 1?
In the case of independent participation sending the signed attachment 1 is sufficient.

QUESTION 22: I would like to ask for providing the area map in an electronic form e.g. DWG, or supplemented by elements allowing for appropriate scaling    i. e. geodetic grid or graphical scale.
The attached plan is a 1:1000 scale map scan (saved in a PDF extension).

QUESTION 23: Please mark the area where the monument can be located – for legal reasons, ownership, etc.
The borders of the designing area and the location of the monument are for the Participant to decide in accordance with the Rules.

QUESTION 24: Are the relocation of the infrastructural network and the tree removal permitted because of the location of the monument?
If it will be necessary - only within the scope of the concept of the winning work.

QUESTION 25: What attachments are to be filled in and delivered at the time of entry into the Competition (until 26 May)?
In accordance with the provisions of the Regulations of the Competitions.

QUESTION 26: Is ‘Application’ (attachment no 1) sufficient if the representative is not appointed?

QUESTION 27: Is the information about the estimated costs (attachment no 6) required at the time of application (until 26th May)?

Is the identification card also required to be filled and sent before May 26th?

QUESTION 28: I would like to ask for an explanation to the attachment 6 - in the upper field there is the requirement to provide ‘estimated costs of work’s performance carried out on the basis of complex competition work’. Is it the cost of making the monument itself? And in the second paragraph - ‘cost of the execution of the ordered subject’ - is it the cost of the total change of arrangement predicted in the competition project, i.e. the monument and its surroundings within a radius of 20m?
It concerns the entire undertaking; the execution of a contract which is a realization of a winning entry.

QUESTION 29: Does the person who wants to participate in the Competition has to attach a scan of the diploma or just needs to fill in the year and a number of the diploma in the form?
It is not required to attach a copy of the diploma.

QUESTION 30: If I take part in the Competition individually, do I need to appoint a representative? If so, do I submit the act of appointment together with the application? If not, then on what basis should I indicate the person and address to contact (in order to maintain anonymity)? Should the document be submitted with the application?
The individual participant do not have to, although may (art. 3.1), appoint a representative. Contact details of the participant are included in the Application. These data, in order to secure anonymity, are NOT available for the Members the Jury.

QUESTION 31: If I cooperate with an architect who is not formally the part of my team but only supports me substantively, which kind of documents do I need to supply and do I have to submit it with the Application Form? Is ‘the person who cooperates with the participant’ at the very bottom of the first page of the Application Form referred to the architect?
Yes. In the case of victory and further work, this person will cooperate, for example, with the elaboration of the project’s construction.

QUESTION 32. Should the attachments no 5a, 5b and 6 be submitted with the Apllication Form?
No. The manner of submitting them is specified in the Competition Rules.

QUESTION 33: (concerning   Competition for the design concept of the monument commemorating the Victims of Smolensk Tragedy) On the square of Priest Jan Twardowski already is a monument of Bolesław Prus. Please specify in detail the place dedicated for the construction of the Victims’ of Smolensk Tragedy monument, i.e. the border points for the construction of the monument and development of the area or the whole square. Section 2.3 of the Regulations, which refers to a part of the square from Karowa street is an approximation that does not constitute the basis for the design. It is necessary to precisely estimate the land for the construction of the monument in the form of a plan with the area designated for the monument. For example, is it possible to remove or to transfer the monument of Boleslaw Prus?
It is not expected to move the monument of Boleslaw Prus. The monument is to be placed deeper in the square.

QUESTION 34. (concerning Competition for the design concept of the monument commemorating the Victims of Smolensk Tragedy) On the square grow trees, is it possible to remove some of them for the construction of the monument and if so, to what extent?
If necessary - only within the scope of the concept of the winning project.

QUESTION 35: I would like to submit my application to participate in the Competition for the design concept of the monument commemorating the Victims of Smolensk Tragedy 2010. I am a sculptor, I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. I do not have mentioned in point 2 building and construction rights, technical capability, human resources to complete the order, nor finances allowing the possible realisation of the project. My objective is to present my idea and artistic vision. According to that can I submit my entry to the competition?
Anyone can participate who (1) has the necessary skills to design and execute the Object of the Competition (Rules point 2.3) and the whole execution of the order (Rules point 5.3) or (2) has in the team people who have such competencies. The declaration made in the Application for participation confirms that the Participant is aware of the Organizer's expectations. The Organizer though expects that the Participant (1) has the appropriate potential to implement the Concept of the Project (Rules point 8)and that it will be implemented using the appropriate knowledge and experience that will enable the realization of the Object of the Competition. A statement of the economic and financial situation is therefore the participant's declaration confirming his / her ability to perform a detailed post-competition study (Rules 5.3).

QUESTION 36. Is a citizen (not an artist, not an entrepreneur, not an architect) who has an idea for the monument of the Victims of Smolensk Tragedy cannot take part in the competition because he/she will not design it and will not be able to build it - is he or she excluded? As not being an artist I will create worse project than an artist, entrepreneur and an architect? As a citizen who wants to commemorate Smolensk Tragedy by my project I feel hurt, disadvantaged and excluded.
The provisions of the Regulations of the sculpture study competition are not intended to disqualify the Participants, but only to determine the conditions that must be fulfilled for the Contest to be performed. If their implementation requires specific professional skills, then the Participant must give the Ordering Party a guarantee of the proper execution of the Detailed post-competition study (Rules 5.3). Wherethe absence of experience, knowledge and skills, it is worth considering the possibility of joining a team with competent people (accordingly attachment no 1, no 2, no 3), who will execute the Order (ie Competition Project; detailed post-competition design) according to a specified idea and at the same time, in line with the expectations of the Organizer / Ordering Party expressed in the Regulations.  

QUESTION 37.Being interested in participating in the Competition I would like to ask whether the submission of the participation is a formality or will it be subject to analyse and qualification? If so, when and how the person concerned will be informed about the admission to the competition?
Competition’s application is a formal requirement and does not require the applicant to submit a competition entry. The Participant, despite the qualification has the right to withdraw from the competition.
After the 26th of May, ie after the deadline for submitting Entry Forms, the entries by the end of May will be checked formally, that is, the contents of the Applications will be checked according to the requirements specified in the Competition Rules. TheParticipants who submit incomplete or defective submissions will be asked to complete, improve or (in the case of minor deficiencies) electronically submit information that will allow them to improve them by the Secretary. Only complete applications will be accepted and qualified.Qualified Participants will be notified of this fact and will be invited by e-mail to submit their entry.

QUESTION 38: In the attachment no 3 - in the power of attorney is it necessary to fill in the PESEL numbers of every participant and the representative?
There is no need to put a PESEL number either in the application or in the power of attorney. zopiclone ambien uk